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World Class Speaking Coach

  • Background in Electrical Engineering, Marketing and Sales
  • Has done trainings around the world
  • Has a passion for public speaking and helping others
  • Member of National Speakers Association
  • Won multiple awards in Toastmasters for last 24 years

Español es la primera lengua de Antonio. 

La pasión de Antonio es hablar en público y ayudar a otros. Es Ingeniero Electricista, coach y orador profesional.

My Story:

In June of 2012, I stood at my office door but didn’t have the courage to close it. The company I had been with for 38 years was shutting down.

I felt a deep void within me and heard myself say, Antonio, nobody is going to hire you. You are a seventy-year-old man; you are old, bald, but not so bad-looking.

My mind went back to 1967, when I graduated from Monterrey Tech as an electrical engineer. That was a dream come true.

Then, I remembered when I brought my wife and three children to the U.S. in 1979—that was another dream come true.

During my tenure with this company, I worked as an operations manager for a few years and was later promoted to director of marketing. I felt I was flying high in that job because, indeed, I was. My position involved many trips to East Asia, Australia, India, and Europe.

During my trips, I delivered technical presentations and conducted sales calls with various customers. This experience made me realize that in order to be competitive and have an edge, my speaking skills needed to further develop. In 1995, I joined Toastmasters.

Public speaking had always been one of my dreams, and here I was, living my dream once again.

So as I stood at my office door that day, I finally got the courage to close it once I realized that now I would have time to pursue my life-long dream and become a professional speaker.

Since that day, I have fully transitioned into becoming a certified world-class speaking coach while continuing my involvement in Toastmasters and NSA, speaking, and coaching.

Because Spanish is my first language, bilingual professionals hire me to help them craft high-impact speeches that keep audiences at the edge of their seats.

Who I work with:

Entrepreneurs who want to deliver impeccable speeches and engaging presentations

Career professionals who want to have an edge within their company and become better presenters

✔️Retirees that are passionate about public speaking, have stories to share with the world and don’t want to play golf all day

✔️Pastors/Priests that want to inspire and connect with their community

I am, once again, living out my dream. Let me help you live out yours.

If you are interested in improving your presentation and public speaking skills (in English or Spanish), reach out to me .

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