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Power of Storytelling

When you start delivering your speech, what type of opening has worked for you? 

There are many powerful ways to open your speech; one very powerful way is to use a story. Why? 

Because with a story, you create curiosity, and immediately, the audience connects with you.

The following video is an example of a story used as an opening for speeches.
The speaker introduces conflict, dialogue, curiosity, and even humor right away.

Stories can also be used in the body of the speech and at the close of your speech; this makes the speech more engaging.

The following video is a short speech that uses stories in the opening, the body, and the close.

According to experts, the audience remembers more a story than a statistic There are many elements that you can use in a story to make it more powerful; here are three of those elements. 

  1. Make it relatable to the audience, main message, or theme. 
  2. Keep it short. 
  3. If possible, introduce conflict and dialogue right away

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